Choose Love.

Hello lovelies! It’s only week three of me being back with the blog, but I’m still here so I think it’s been a great start! A couple weeks ago I posted the first of three blogs in the launch of a new aspect of my brand, Be Love. 

Be love is a promise.  A promise to genuinely try to be a good person and show others grace for their flaws. To read all of part 1, click here.

So, what is part 2 you might wonder?

Choose Love.

What does it mean to choose love? How can you even choose love?

This is probably the most difficult topic to explain, but I’ll give it a shot.

For me, choosing love goes hand in hand with being love. If you are trying to be love for others then it would make sense that you would want to surround yourself with people who do the same for you. That is choosing love. Choosing to be around those who show love themselves.

Love is not a one-way street, if all you do is show love to others then you are going to burn out pretty quickly. A lot of us moms do this, don’t we? Surrounding yourself with people who show YOU love can help to keep you on your path to be love.

I feel everyone is deserving of love, however, it is just not feasible to be able to love everyone equally. Some are toxic and just not good for you. That’s ok, then those aren’t your people. Choose to love yourself first, and you will inherently know who your people are. 

Of course, everyone is deserving of love. In general, we get caught up in a “I hate people” mentality. Which doesn’t actually mean we hate people, it’s just our way of saying that they’re frustrating and difficult to understand. Do you ever come across people who just seem to be so angry just to be angry? Like those customers at the local supermarket or the person with the road rage. It’s so easy to be mad right back, but what if those people just need to see love? Or what if they weren’t shown enough love? I feel it’s important to try to choose love whenever you can, even though at times it’s more difficult than others.. Sometimes, the worse they are, the more love you should show them because they probably need it to give them a little light in their day. If more people choose to love then maybe we wouldn’t see so many people in foul moods all the time.

Have you ever been in line for food or something and the person in front of you paid for your meal? While it might not seem like much, that was them choosing love in that moment. Something so small can impact someone’s day so much, and in turn impact your day as well. Have you ever heard the saying that there is no good deed that is unselfish? Well, that may be true but there are two different kinds of deeds. One is the truly selfish, premeditated deed where the doer calculates who will see and potentially give kudos and gain attention. The other is done with someone else in mind, but in turn makes you feel good about yourself. By choosing to show love, you are showing yourself love.

We are what occupies our minds and hearts the most, so choose happiness, choose love!


Have a lovely day!


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