Love on Your People

So we are almost to February 2020! How did that happen? January went by so fast!

With February comes the threat of more winter weather (especially here in the Midwest, am I right?), and Valentine’s Day. Mostly a commercialized holiday of sorts that promotes love and being in love. But it’s not just for that!

It’s a perfect way to celebrate those in your life.

So the past year or so I have seen the posts all over social media platforms about the cut out hearts on the door of your child’s bedroom. This is actually something I have done for years! I actually did it for my husband a time or two (his birthday also happens to be Valentine’s Day), but I’m not even sure he noticed lol!

I do always do it for my kids though. Even when they were away at college! As long as they live in my house, this is an inexpensive, heartfelt way I can express my love and admiration for them. And they seem to look forward to seeing all the hearts even if it is a picture sent to them at school on Valentine’s Day after it’s complete!

Door Hearts

Each year I do this, I really try to think about each of my kids. What they’ve accomplished this past year, their triumphs, and their struggles. I choose words that I feel really describe them in my eyes.

Sometimes they are the same words as the year before, sometimes they all have some of the same words or phrases, but all are relevant to them and their life and character.

Door Hearts Close Up

This is a neat way to express these affirmations to them. Who doesn’t feel better about themselves and life in general when someone (especially someone who loves them) takes time to express their feelings about them. I know I would!

Try this. Try this with your kids, your roommate, your significant other, or even a co-worker at the office. A little act of love and kindness can really make someone’s day!


Live Love.

Hello all!  I’m back with the third of our three part Love series!

We’ve been gearing up to this for a while now and are excited to share it with you.
So, you might be wondering what this final part is?

Live Love. Because the root of our mission is Love.

I’ve talked about Be Love: going that extra mile for someone because–who knows–you might be the only person that positively impacts their life that week. Showing love and grace to others because no one is perfect and we all deserve that love. Read part 1 here.

I’ve also talked about Choose Love: surrounding yourself with people who show YOU love, which can help keep you on your path to be love. Read part 2 here.

Both of which are small parts of our mission as a whole: Live Love.

By living love, you are committing to show love to yourself and others in your life. Show your love to the world and take the love that the world has to offer to you.

Bits of Love Creations was built on kindness, grace, respect, happiness—all of these and more stem from love.

So in honor of sharing our story and what we are about, we are releasing our

Bits of Love Signature Shirt! See the pic below!
We hope to live Love and inspire others to do so as well in order to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Be. Choose. Live. Love!