Our Summer Bucket List

What comes to mind when you think of summer?
I remember swimming in our galvanized pool (circa 70’s& 80’s – don’t judge 😝), rushing out to greet the ice cream man, riding bikes to friend’s houses, and freezing in my room with the window air conditioner. But probably the most fun memories I have now, as a middle aged mom, are when my own kids were younger.

There’s the summer we got our 1st pool. Above ground, but leaps and bounds from the galvanized pool of my childhood. Trips to the zoo, Six Flags, crafting, watching the kids play outside, so many good times it makes my heart happy. One of my most favorite summertime activities was making our own summer camp. I was a stay at home mom and we didn’t have the funds to put the kids in summer camps… so we made our own! The girls shared a cabin (their bedroom) and named it the “Butterfly Cabin”. My son’s room was the “Jellybean Cabin”. I bought inexpensive undershirts from the store and they made their own camp shirts with fabric markers. Poster board from the dollar store and markers were used to create their cabin signs, and we planned activities every day. Most days we did free activities around St.Louis.There are so many wonderful attractions around town that are little or no money. (Look for a blog post about that later this summer!)We also utilized our pool, games, and creativity for at- home activities. Those were the days…

Now that they are older, we still love summer and love to spend time together however, it’s different. They have jobs, and they drive, and love to go do things with their friends. That makes my heart happy, too. But as we approach an empty nest with 2 in college and our youngest approaching her senior year in high school, I’m determined to make the best of the summers we have before adulthood and starting families of their own starts calling.

So here is Our Summer Bucket List.

Our list is geared toward our family with older children, but you could create your own! The possibilities are endless!

What’s the importance of a Sumer Bucket List? Or a Summer Fun List? Well that can be many different answers to many different people. But to me, it’s something fun I can look forward to with my kids. Even though they are adults/almost adults now, they’ve been asking me when we are going to do these things. They helped pick the items on our list. Some are just fun, some are silly, and some are things we would just like to do. The important thing for me is that we will be spending time together.

At the end of summer I will be back with the bucket list and let you know how it went! Soak up the time with your kiddos. It really does fly by!


5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Change The World


This quote from Steve Jobs is one of my favorites. I mean, I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit crazy. I’ve also thought what I do with my life can change the world. I haven’t ever told anyone that little tid bit… but its always been there. I think maybe that’s where my love for volunteering and being there for people comes from. Seriously. I feel a constant drive to be there for others, to volunteer my time, to see if I can make a situation better for someone. Because if I can, then my day is made! Of course that’s not to say I’m perfect, I’m actually pretty far from it, aren’t we all? I have my moments of cattiness and frustration, just like everyone else. But my heart is most full when I can be there for someone through a rough time, give sound advice (although I don’t always follow it myself), or just generally make someone happy. Shouldn’t we all do that? Make others happy? Help make the world a better place, with kindness?


That’s it! Super simple! There are a million other ways we can spread kindness and change the world. These are just a few. I’ll end with another favorite quote: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

It’s the little things…

     I’m back! Last time I shared a little about me. Whew, that’s tough. I’ve never been one to like to talk about myself. Ask me about one of my hobbies or passions, better yet ask me about my kids! I never struggle for words about any of those topics. But myself? Definitely tough stuff for me. But it’s something I’m working on so we will see how it goes. 
     However, I’m off the hook this time because I want to share with you all about Bits of Love Creations and how it came about!

         A couple of years ago my friend, Britaney, asked me to make her some dainty newborn headbands for photo shoots. She owns Got 2B Me Photography. You can find her here. While she appreciates the large flowers and bows on headbands that are all the rage, she was looking for light, airy, and dainty for all those fresh newbie heads. It’s creative! And as with all creative challenges, I was on totally on board! After the first few I created for her, Brit asked me for a business name so she could tag me in teaser photos she would be sharing on social media. It was her thought that potential customers and other photographers would be able to contact me and something could come of my crafting.

     For days I brainstormed/stressed over a simple name. But for me, if I was going to do this… it had to have meaning. Ultimately, as with almost all things in my life, that meaning revolves around my kids. My kids are my love. They are my heart. They’re bits and pieces of myself and my husband. One of the most fun parts of my journey in raising them has been watching their personalities and character come to light. Seeing the bits of myself and my husband join with their own qualities to become their amazing selves has been an excitingly wild ride.

     Three. A most significant number as I have 3 children and they’ve always been my bits of love. Creating in almost any fashion has also always been a love of mine.

Enter Bits of Love Creations.  

    So with the name in place, I created a page on Facebook for Bits of Love Creations. The feedback from the photography clients (hold up, did I forget to mention I also assist on those newbie shoots with Britaney? Oops, well I do!) was super positive! I was having a blast and Brit was loving the fresh stash of headbands and tiebacks I supplied to her. It’s the little things. I create the little things that can ultimately end up making a big impact for the little ones we hold near and dear to us. How could I not love what I do?

     About a year after I began making these for Brit’s photography sessions, I wanted to expand my talents to see what else I could create for the most special littles. I had been doing diaper cakes for years for friends and family. But I wanted to try my hand at infant bodysuits. Oh my goodness! The possibilities are endless! Headbands, tiebacks, bodysuits, even barefoot sandals for girls and bow ties for boys! I was hooked!  

 So here we are. I have so many plans for this little journey. New and exciting things are coming soon, and I’ve decided to give this little blogging thing a try, too. I am so blessed in life to have so much support from friends and family. Who knows where all of this will lead? I certainly don’t have an answer for that, but I do know that I intend to make the most of it and enjoy every step we take… together!

Here I am… now what?

     Here it is. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time. I’m not an exceptional writer by any means, but I enjoy sharing things with others. Whether ideas, stories, tips and tricks, or just gabbing… I love to share. Where do I start? I’ll start with an introduction to me and if you can bear with me, you might enjoy hanging around for this journey!

     Hello! My name is Mindy. I’m 42 years old. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years. We have 3 beautiful children, almost grown. They are the light of my life. Literally, my whole world. Jacob, my oldest, is set to graduate college next year. My middle child, Megan, will be a Junior in college. Then there’s the youngest, Mallory. She just wrapped up her junior year in high school. So yes, that makes 2 graduations next year. One college, one high school. Not sure I planned that out the best when having these kids! They say you always want more for your kids than you had, or than you accomplished yourself… that is so true. I’m super excited to see what the future holds for these kids!

 To say that life will be changing drastically in the next few years is an understatement. The kids will be leaving the nest. Going on to finish college and start their careers and families. I’m working on me. My husband and I are working on us. For so long it’s been the family, the kids, the rat race, everything the parenting gurus warn you not to fall into. Yep. We did. But I really don’t regret it. I mean, how can you really regret enjoying your family? Raising your kids to be the best versions of themselves that they can be… I don’t regret it. Not at all.

     But back to me, a subject I’m not always entirely comfortable talking about. I’m quirky. I love my morning coffee. I love decorating my house, crafting, and creating. I’m completely obsessed with my dogs. I have 2 Lhasa Apsos. My kids say the dogs have taken their place and my need to nurture now that they’re almost grown. I cannot confirm nor deny that they could be correct! Lol! I also love being with friends and family, but I love even more the time I get to spend with myself. The older I get the more I realize that the uncomfortableness I have always felt in life has come from feeling the need to be everything to everyone. Being the social butterfly was something I thought I needed to be, but never fit in well with me. Now I understand that while there is a time and place for that for me, I also need to recoup with myself. My quiet time. Just me and my dogs.

     I worked full time in retail until my 2nd child was 1. Then, once the kids all started school, it was volunteer. I pretty much made a “career” out of being a volunteer. And you know what? I loved it!. I love organizing events, running fundraisers, and helping others. It’s always been a passion for me. There’s definitely a future blog post there for sure. I had a few odd jobs here and there while the kids were young. I was a candle lady in direct sales, worked at a Halloween store, and had various ventures in crafting, another passion of mine. For the last 9 years or so I worked at my daughters’ dance studio, which also happened to be my dance home when I was a child. I did office work, costuming, rhinestoning, fundraisers… anything that was needed. In 2013, ownership changed hands. I stuck it out for a while, until last summer… I then decided it was time to move on. I’ve since been working from home with my latest venture, Bits of Love Creations. Making outfits, accessories and adorable little things for the littles in other’s lives has been the primary focus. I do not know where this journey will take me. I do not know what Bits of Love will grow into, but I can’t wait to enjoy the ride!

      I hope you’ll stick with me on this crazy ride. Who knows where we’ll end up, but I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe learn something along the way!